Testimonials for Anke Hawke Balanced Dressage

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    Such a refreshing kind approach with results and a happy horse!

    Michelle Herbert
    April 17th 2019

    Michelle Herbert
  • Arne Koets

    “Anke is a horsewoman with a very extensive and thorough base of knowledge.
    She has spent years gathering knowledge from many schools and on many topics, to build this very sound base to draw on in her lessons and clinics

    Both as a rider and as a teacher, Anke is accomplished, analytical and able to pinpoint important details at the right time.
    As an instructor, Anke can actually oversee the process of training the horse itself, as well as being able to transfer the knowledge and learnings to her students effectively.
    Anke demonstrates thorough, correct, kind, subtle, sophisticated and ambitious horsewomanship ….and I highly recommend her to you”

    Arne Koets
    Passionate horseman, International Classical Dressage Coach, Arne is also skilled in mounted fencing, jousting, archery on horseback, garrocha work and other forms of practical riding.

    Arne Koets
    International Dressage & Medieval Jousting Coach
  • Chris on her handsome Pasofino stallion Rev

    “Anke is a super instructor. She helped me refine my seat and aids on a horse with very specific needs. She is perceptive to small changes in horse and rider and is able to bring about more relaxation, lightness and refinement”

    Chris Bahlo

    February 3rd 2019

    Chris Bahlo
  • well balanced Clyde standing on all four legs

    “After seeing the damaging effects of some modern training methods in horse of all disciplines. Anke is a breath of fresh air for horses (and humans) that need help.
    She uses techniques both in hand and under saddle based on solid classical principles with a foundation of dignity, kindness and respect for the horse
    If something feels not quite right with your horse, it’s progression or perhaps intermittent lameness or soreness when in work, I highly recommend you give Anke a call.”

    March 16th 2019

    Jenny Banks
  • Thoroughbred in his second education healthy and in balance

    “Anke is an amazingly intuitive coach who has an eye for detail and is incredibly caring. She doesn’t miss a beat (literally) and is extremely thorough and correct in her training of both horse and human. There are no “shortcuts” and her methods are horse friendly.
    Anke has been working on my gelding and I for the last couple of years and the transformation is amazing.
    Both steed and I are both mentally and physically transformed. My gelding is proud, he is an OTT TB- and I every time I go out the front gate people comment on how lovely he is and can hardly believe he is an OTT as he is looking so fine from Anke’s correct training to build correct topline and confidence to move correctly in a balanced manner.
    I would definitely recommend Anke as she is the most inspirational and encouraging woman as well as being an incredibly knowledgeable coach who always puts the health and longevity of the horse and human first
    If you want a balanced, proud, correctly trained horse Anke is your instructor”

    Emily Brenton

    November 27 2018

    Emily Brenton
  • “Anke is a coach like no other. Her teaching ways are understandable and made different to suit every horses needs, which is extremely important because every horse is different. Alongside her beautiful, strong and determined personality, Anke is precise and honest throughout her guidance in lessons and instructs in a way to help the partnership between the horse and rider. I would highly recommend Anke, the difference you will see in your horse and yourself is incredible!”

    November 28 2019

    Paige Hilton-Butt
  • “Very careful, individual coaching with a great eye for details and each rider’s and horse’s needs”

    November 28th 2019

    Yvonne Lehey
  • Grey Gelding with happy rider

    “Anke has an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge for classical dressage and biomechanics. Working in a holistic manner, her teaching and training focusses on making horses healthier, happier, and sounder – for the benefit of both horse and rider. I have had the privilege of watching Anke turn an injured horse around: the vets said he needed to retire and it was time to give up on him.
    Instead of following their advice, I turned to Anke, who patiently worked with him and taught him how to improve his way of going and use of his body. In doing so, he regained full soundness and continues to be a much loved part of our riding school.
    Thank you Anke, for showing Charon he can be comfortable and happy again in his own body.”

    Lauren Seeley
    November 2018

    Lauren Seeley
  • “She’s amazing for both horse and rider”
    November 2018

    Dole Bramervaer
  • bay gelding with proud owner

    “Prior to starting training with Anke I was facing a difficult decision – that I may have to retire my young 12 year old horse due to the neck and back issues he was suffering from. He needed a gentle but effective program with someone who could tailor to his specific issues.
    Anke straight away identified his weak points on the first consultation and with her understanding of the horses biomechanics and movement patterns she identified the best exercises for his rehabilitation journey.
    In first three weeks of working with Anke, my horse had already started to show a huge improvement in body and general attitude.
    He has put on muscle in the right areas, become more co-operative, all from the ground training so far.
    The vet & body worker also confirmed all the progress is extremely positive for him!
    It’s only the beginning… I’m excited to see continued improvement after each session with Anke and the sparkle in his eye every time.
    Not to mention, Anke has been so patient and encouraging!
    Thanks to Anke, I have also come a long way in learning new ground training techniques and being able to recognise what correct movement looks like, as well as understand the implications to the horses body and soundness.”
    Genevieve July 2019

    Genevieve Jakobsen
  • Sara & Belle

    Anke has worked with my horse Belle for the past 3 years.
    She always thinks about things from the horse’s perspective.
    She is also very patient and has an amazing ability to perceive smallest details of the horses movement to enable progression of change over a period of time.
    Anke sees subtle issues with alignment and she finds positive ways to work with the horse, to overcome issues rather than using any force in training methods.
    Sara – August 2019

    Sara Wright
  • horse and rider having a quiet moment before the lesson

    “I appreciate Anke’s patience waiting for my brain to transmit her instructions to my body – and for my body to obey!
    Anke’s obvious care for the wellbeing of horses,coupled with her down to earth and straightforward manner and last, but certainly not least, her sense of humour, means I am really enjoying the learning process and having fun in my regular riding lessons”

    Susan Foy August 2019

    Susan Foy
  • bay mare in balance with a lovely kind rider

    Having been with Anke for many years, she has not only taught me a correct and empathetic way to communicate with my horse but also opened my eyes to the language of horsemanship and having mutual respect with your equine partner. She is happy to break things down to their most basic form, and work from the ground up at a pace that suits both horse and rider- which is exactly what I need!

    Stephanie Guo

    April 2020

    Stephanie Guo
  • Relaxed horse, relaxed rider happy coach

    Hannah learnt a lot yesterday! So good! Here’s a testimonial from her: “Levi has become so much more confident and balanced with his arena work after his lessons with Anke. Sometimes it feels more like ‘play’ and less like ‘work’ thanks to Anke’s calm and positive approach to learning!” -Hannah See you in a couple of weeks!

    Hannah Eastway  

    May 2020


    Hannah Eastway