Little Girl on rocking horse dreaming of being a magical Horse or Unicorn rider

Growing up in a sailing family in the north of Germany and really not “getting” the idea of always being wet and cold and in the wind ….. didn’t seem to be my ‘thing’.
Early on I started pestering my parents (a lot) that I would like to learn how to ride.
Once I convinced them, the rest is history!
(This image by the talented Kelly Tan perfectly sums up MY childhood riding fantasies!)

I wasn’t home much anymore, mainly escaping on my bike to the delicious smell of horses…you can relate to as well?!
All of a sudden, life started making sense, getting up early and working.
Riding in all sorts of weather, rain hail or shine, in the arena or on trails.
Luckily we lived near a forest where I could go and ride for hours.

Riding my bike to the stables helped with my balance, as often it was cold and my hands were much warmer inside my jacket pockets, out of the wind, rain or snow.
I learned to steer my bike with my seat and balance similar to riding a horse – the more balanced your seat, the more balanced your horse.

Unfortunately, my parents didn’t quite understand the horse addiction themselves, but encouraged me anyway.
Years later, when I had my first leased horse, I rode him home into our backyard and I found a picture being taken from the upstairs window (from a safe distance) by Mum, while my sister came out with carrots ?

The dream of being around horses and making them a part of my life is a decision that I made from my heart. Most people do!

It is a calling and combining this into real paid work is always a challenge.

Most horses become your friend and offer so much for me, they always come first and the sport second.
Most horses give you everything without a second thought of their own well-being
You look into their faces and you can see they do have facial expressions.

They are curious and yes, the first instinct is to run, but the second is to come and investigate and be noisy!
The safer they feel, the more they are happy to hang around and learn.

Horses that are in balance and in harmony with their rider are a such a pleasure to watch.
The horse starts to shine and dance with a sparkle in their eyes.
They look after their rider and, as long as the rider looks after them, it is a wonderful and ever growing partnership.
For me (and anyone ‘horsey’) horses have the great ability to make everything better-  having an excellent way of communicating without saying a word.
They are incredibly forgiving and don’t have ‘agenda’, they are in the here and now
Horses are the original masters of Mindfulness!

If you treat them with respect, you have a friend for life.
So they suit my “no nonsense”  attitude very well.

By now you can tell my work is my passion and I have spent years acquiring knowledge on all aspects of the horse as well as the art of riding.

I keep studying and learning, to improve my own and my students riding and their horses.
Subjects like biomechanics, physiology, neurology, mindset, movement, Feldenkrais, saddle fit, soundness and conformation are some of my interests.

My approach is always holistic for both horse and rider.
Horses and riders that are in balance and in harmony are a joy and pleasure to watch.

As a rider I am always looking to fine tune my own skills as well as others.
I don’t just teach, I ride!

If you are seeking an authentic partnership with your horse or simply want to improve your riding, please call me on 0408 882 730 or contact me to discuss what I can do for you.