Booking and Cancellation Policy

Balanced Dressage Booking and Cancellation Policy

Anke Hawke is a qualified EA Coach in Level 1 Dressage and operates within EA Guidelines. All riders, parents and supporters must also follow EA guidelines. By booking a lesson you also agree to the following stipulations:

Abuse or mistreatment of horses or humans will never be tolerated.
Any abuse will cause your lesson to be terminated immediately. No refunds will be given.

Content within your lesson/s including exercises, discussions, homework etc should not be applied to other situations without consultation. This content is specific to your own circumstances.
Horses and riders are individuals and it may be detrimental if used in a different context. Videoing and photography of lessons is for the education of the pupil/s and not to be used for any print or digital media purposes without prior consent of all parties
This must include consent of a parent or guardian if the subject is under 18 yo.

For lessons on your own property- you are responsible for the safety of your riding area and equipment.

Lessons at other venues are subject to compliance with their own requirements. If the venue is booked by you, please forward any correspondence and venue requirements to me so I can also comply. If I book the venue, likewise, I will forward requirements to you.

Pre-payment is required to secure your lesson booking.

Cancellation of Individual Lessons:
Individual lessons can be cancelled at any time with a minimum of 48 hours notice.
Fees will not be refunded if cancellation is not within a week. If you have booked a last-minute lesson, and then cancel prior to your payment, you will be invoiced.

Cancellation of a Clinic:

Any organised clinics must be paid in advance, in full, by the due date. Often I can provide a payment plan for clinics. Once you make your first instalment, that will secure your clinic booking. If you become unable to participate for whatever reason you are responsible for finding a replacement rider. You are also responsible for collecting fees from your replacement rider, and if on a payment plan, for organising transference. Often there may be a holding list, in which case I will pass on contact details. There will be no refunds unless the whole clinic is cancelled.

Weather considerations:

I can assure you that as a professional coach I will never expect you to ride in unsafe conditions. To better develop your skills, I encourage you to expose yourself and your horse to a variety of safe weather conditions. While wind, frost, heat and rain are unpleasant, riding in these conditions ensures you are able to train your horse consistently year round, which means you’ll have a huge advantage over the many “fair weather riders” out there.
There are also many other non-ridden education programs I offer, so if you would prefer to transfer your ridden lesson booking to a non-ridden one that can be accommodated.

The EA policies and procedures can be found here:

Current weather information can be found here:

If the weather conditions are within the above guidelines, and competitions can still be run, you can expect your lesson will also still be on. If you chose not to ride because the conditions may be unpleasant, that is absolutely your prerogative, however, as with a competition, please don’t expect a refund of your fees.

Other circumstances:
All considerations are a case by case basis. If you are unwell I may be able to ride your horse for you, rescheduling or refund of your lesson may also be available if I am unwell.