well balanced Clyde standing on all four legs

Clinics for Horse and Rider

stockhorse working towards even balance
Every horse benefits from flatwork in better alignment and balance.


Anke hosts clinics throughout the year at her property in Minimbah, NSW  and throughout the greater Sydney region. Some of these are for riding clubs and some are groups wanting to get together with their horses for tuition in a supportive environment.

The goal is always harmonious lessons in balance and tension-free connection and communication for horse and rider.


Clinics can range from half a day to two full days, and each gives a practical blend of theory, practice and constructive feedback. You can also stay and watch other lessons so you can learn from others and see the new tools and techniques in action.

Prices vary depending on location and numbers so if you would like to talk to Anke about your specific requirements please get in touch.


Most horses and owners leave with a new spring in their step and a twinkle in their eyes.
beautiful grey mare
All breeds, shapes and sizes in horses are welcome.


If you are seeking an authentic partnership with your horse or simply want to improve your riding, please call Anke on 0408 882 730 or contact her to discuss what she can do for you and your horse.

Icelandic stallion Lotto
the fine-tuning ,  the height of the poll, with a light-soft rain contact.

Anke also hosts local and international trainers for small groups of dedicated riders, so again if you would like to book one for your friends or club please email Anke on


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Anke Hawke Balanced Dressage Clinic on Saturday July 6th 2019 at Northside Riding Club, St Ives Showground


*There is a deposit of $500, due 14 days before the clinic. This is non negotiable.
An indoor or covered arena is ideal for Clinics, as it makes it easier to manage lessons and cancellations in case of bad weather.
I charge $100 per lesson and usually, we have 2 lessons per person over the two days of the clinic