Focus onto balance, stability& elasticity in the movement- horse rider

Black mare Georgie Girl focus on alignment, balance, stability and elasticity in the movement.
Georgie Girl after a holiday coming back to work, slow and steady

Trying to do things fast, that, you haven’t mastered slowly.

The other day I was watching my sons workout while he was doing handstands.
His goal in the handstand is to be able to perform – push-ups – and stand on one arm.

He used the momentum to get upside down.

I couldn’t help it and approached it like horse training -balance slow and steady will give you better results in a long time.
The brutal force will get you only so far.

Amazing to watch when he changed his focus onto balance, stability& elasticity in the movement. He looked more comfortable.

I was nudging him to make the session short and slowly- quit while he was ahead, rather than holding it and working with shaking arms.

So similar to riding it is not just how you enter the movement; it is also how you exit the movement.
A controlled entry of the handstand and a controlled exit. Rather than collapse- Crash 😜

His balanced improved his body worked more evenly –

Of course, I couldn’t help writing about it – it is like horse training explaining the concept—one step at the time.
Incredible to watch his or the horse’s confidence grow, when their posture improves.

The principles are the same. — in Minimbah, New South Wales, Australia.