A thought on saddle pads;


saddle pads color shape ans size

Why did you choose the particular saddle pad that you are riding in?


  • colour?

  •  fit to the horse’s shape?

  • material?

  • saddle fitting issue?

  • discipline you are riding in?

For me, there is always a reason why I choose a particular item on my horse. 


Yes colour is essential I’m not a pink girl


But for me, the saddle pad must fit on the horses back.


  • clearance underneath the saddle

  • not too small

  • so the edge of the saddle panel is not on the saddle pads edge

  • or too big

  • or whipping across the horses back when the horse is moving

  • gives the horse enough wither clearance

  • provides the horse with clearance on the spine


Now we go into the material

  •  I think the material should be sweat-absorbing, breathable, soft, and comfortable.

Just to name a few differences to look out for

  • Some materials are slippery, and saddle moves.
  • Some materials cause static electricity.
  • Sometimes there are bindings, seams or logos that cause the pad to be uncomfortable due to the position there are placed in.


Saddle fitting issues

  • There are some terrific saddle pads on the market for saddle fitting issues.
  • Correctional pads with inserts to adjust as needed
  • With sheepskin panels in various places  
  • With foam panels, these come in different density thickness shapes and sizes.


And of course what discipline you are riding in

  • dressage
  • jumping
  • western
  • classical schooling saddle



Now with all this in mind, there are still plenty of options to be fashionable as well.



Feel free to contact me if you like more information