Hic Ups -while riding

Sometimes it takes time to find the right solutions,

And to find the better solutions we often go back to the beginning and make a different mistake along the way, all of these mistakes lead to learning from them and finding better solutions. Keeping on an open mindset and not holding on to one answer will fit every scenario will go a long way. As there are a lot of different personalities and as well as confirmation in horses and their riders.

Ups and downs that we experience as coaches and riders are normal, there will be amazing days where everything flows beautifully and with ease. And there will be days where it is not so smooth sailing.

Working out what makes your horse tick and enjoy the ride and which exercises your horse finds difficult, breaking these exercises into steps that are manageable achievable, strengthen you and your horse to build on confidence and a relaxed working atmosphere.

I am keeping a playful, relaxed approach seeing these hiccups along the way as opportunities to learn a new skill, working on refining your seat and rein aid and playing around with gliding from one exercise to the next, working on balancing and suppling your horse.

Both horse and rider can then enjoy the ride more as the rider becomes a more natural load to carry and a balanced horse that is relaxed an enjoyable ride.

At the end of the session, you did together; it is how your horse feels about herself.