In-hand or Ridden Lessons Horse & Rider

Anke Hawke works a horse in hand in a paddock

Groundwork and Posture for Horse and Rider:

In my local  area Nabiac, NSW 2312  I can come and see you guide you, step by step through:

  • In-hand and groundwork lessons
  • Understanding the horse’s footfalls and placements
  • Balance
  • Understanding the right timing of your aids
  • Your body language and the influence it has on your horse

    Anke Hawke works a horse in hand in a paddock


Riding Lessons

  • Ridden work on a balanced seat, posture and lightness
  • Learning ‘feel’ and timing and working on spinal alignment in horse and rider
  • Applying aids at the right time

You will be amazed by how the smallest correction at the right time has a considerable influence on the horse’s balance and willingness to cooperate.

You can turn your horse into a partner, a horse will do almost anything, for a person that makes them feel safe.

Everyone is different, we will all learn in our own time. If you are not quite where you want to be and looking for growth. 

Please contact me  on 0408 882 730