Lessons are one on one:
Ridden or Groundwork

Based on years of experience, individual lessons for horse and rider are based on commitment and focus for both.
Once you get the foundations right, the improvements are exponential

Connection, partnership and understanding of your personal needs and the needs of your horse are the main areas I target in my lessons with you.

How can I help to improve the relationship and therefore the performance with your horse?

There are many variations to this, based on the competence and abilities of both horse and rider.
I assess and tailor my lesson plans and programs for each individual.

A Brief Overview

For the HORSE.

  1. Horsemanship, understanding of horse’s body language.
  2. Groundwork on the lunge
  3. Groundwork in hand
  4. Learning to place your horse in balance from the ground up.
  5. How your body language influences the horses movement patterns

For the RIDER :

  1. A well balanced seat.
  2. Awareness of habits
  3. Understanding of aids, timing and purpose
  4. Benefits of exercises and movement patterns
  5. Understanding how your body posture influences the horses movement and behaviour


Generally, individual lessons are priced:                                          
$80 per hour within the Sydney local area
$80 per hour out of local area, plus travel fee to be determined based on distance and time.

Please call me on 0408 882 730 or contact me to discuss what I can do for you and your horse