Anke is a qualified EA Coach in Level 1 Dressage and coaches horses and their riders, together and separately, and provides a range of different services. These include;

Anke’s approach is holistic for both horse and rider and she can help on the ground and in the saddle. Her diverse knowledge spans all aspects of the horse as well as the art of riding.

She understands biomechanics, physiology, neurology, mindset, movement, saddle fit, and lameness to name but a few, and her goal is to enable horses and riders to enjoy each other and what they do.

Achieving this partnership and harmony takes dedication, persistence and consistent work and for Anke, the horses themselves and their well-being and longevity always come first.

If you are seeking an improved relationship with your horse or want some help with your riding or ground work,

Please call Anke on 0408 882 730 to discuss how she can help.

Anke’s approach is holistic for both horse and rider.

Horses and riders that are in balance, and in harmony, are a joy and pleasure to watch.


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All riders, parents and supporters must also follow EA guidelines and the cancellation policy