Permit yourself not to feel guilty -horses and riders

Grey Australian stock horse waiting relaxed and ready for the next task, happy relaxed learning


When I receive a new horse or pupil, one of the most challenging tasks is to manage expectations, mine and theirs.


When you come to me, I look at your whole horse.


• the frame 

• posture

• feet

• the tack


Sometimes you reach roadblocks like your horse has been playing up or doesn’t want to go forward.

So your journey takes a detour.


⁃ Permit yourself without feeling guilty for not doing what other equestrians are doing.

⁃ Now take the time to get to know your horse and spend some quality time with your horse.

⁃ Come to a walk, the mother of all gaits. Look at your horse’s foot placement & angles: self-carriage and awareness of his own body.


And once you and your horse are ready, you come back to the things you enjoy. You can do them together.

Follow your own journey if it is you or your horses reason why you are not doing what everyone else is doing.

It is ok not to compete – or trot – or canter.


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