Good Wine and Good Friends

Good Friends and Good Wine

I had a lovely conversation with one of my students this morning, about good friends and good wine.
Normal etiquette requires that when you go to a friend’s house for the first time, you don’t treat it as a bar and order what you want ….
Her reply was “Ohh, my friends know what I like and have my favourite wine ready”!

The same applies to horses, so that once they get to know you and what you like, your horse is ready to offer what you want, with a light cue, without hesitation, just like any other good friend.

Horses are living creatures have feelings – and they also have ‘off’ days.
They can be at times quite ‘standoffish’, as most horses like an introduction, just like you do when you meet a new person yourself- and it’s best to make the first contact a pleasant experience for everyone!

Treat them just like a good friend, with respect.

I know this seems obvious, but too often we rush in with an ‘agenda’, forgetting that horses also have their own etiquette.
Learn how to deal with that- and make that first impression count!

2 Horses with a bottle of good wine like good friends