Northside Riding Clinic with Anke Hawke July 6th

All day Clinic at Northside Riding Club at St Ives Showground Saturday July 6th 2019 with Anke Hawke

Anke says “Most horse owners are looking for something more than just riding.
They are looking for a strong connection with their horse and a shared understanding, problem solving, communication, confidence building and of course,  strengthening the rider’s position and awareness!

As the connection grows, the horse is more understanding of your training requests ……and life with horses becomes more balanced,meaningful.. and fun!

Join us.. only $80 for an individual lesson – stay to watch and learn more.
* Note: this Clinic is open to anyone!
You do not need to be a member of Northside Riding Club

Contact Jennifer Berryman at Northside Riding Club
Call Anke on 0408 882 730 with any questions or BOOK Now!

Anke Hawke Balanced Dressage Clinic on Saturday July 6th 2019 at Northside Riding Club, St Ives Showground