Body work for Horse & Rider

Body work and for Horse and Rider:

In my local Sydney area, I can come and see you for a set period of time to guide you, step by step through:

  • Lunging, in hand and groundwork lessons
  • Intensive training to understand the horse’s footfalls
  • Balance
  • Understanding of good timing of your aids
  • Body language and the influence it has on your horse’s balance.

    Anke Hawke works a horse in hand in a paddock







We then can move on towards:

  • Ridden work on a balanced seat, posture and lightness
  • Learning ‘feel’ and timing and working on spinal alignment in horse and rider
  • Timing of aids.

You will be amazed how the smallest correction at the right time has a huge influence in the horse’s balance and willingness to cooperate.

Everyone has a different amount of time they can spend working on improving their riding and their horses movement/habits/ patterns.

So I offer several different types of coaching packages

– Most Intensive to commence is for a clinic for three lessons over the weekend or two consecutive days.

– Once a week, this involves a longer period of time to achieve the same results but is is very rewarding as you can work on your own pace. 

– Individual packages to be negotiated

This training makes you a much more competent rider – when it really matters.
You will improve with much more reliable, consistent aids with known outcomes and responses.

You can turn your horse into a partner, because a horse will do almost anything for a person that makes them feel safe.

Rehabilitation packages are especially beneficial for horses with soundness issues.

I have several different price points and packages available, depending on the riders available time and dedication.

Please call me on 0408 882 730


to discuss individual options  or contact me to discuss what I can do for you.